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Botanix bare-lined multi-stretch parka dyed with plants and trees

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color — Beige
Size & Weight

Size: One size fits all

Body width 58.5cm
Shoulder width 56cm
Length 63 cm
Sleeve length: 51 cm

Model's height: 161 cm


Material: Cotton: 94%, Polyurethane: 6%.


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    This hoodie is made of bare-lined, chunky fabric with 360-degree stretch, making it very easy to move around in. The surface of the fabric is smooth with little fluff and has a luxurious feel. The oversized, body-hugging silhouette and this year's trendy puff sleeves are key design points. As a sporty and cute pullover, you can enjoy coordinating it with all items of skirts and pants.

    Beige→Contains ingredients that help prevent lifestyle-related diseases. It is a gentle beige color born from nature.


    Brown→Contains pigments used for tissue cell staining in medicine. It is a gentle brown color extracted from leguminous plants.


    A natural and deep color, dyed using 100% plant dyes.

    Utilizing the natural power of plants, you can feel a sense of peace and tranquility.
    This is a sustainable dyeing technique that is gentle on the environment and the human body.

    * The color of the dyed fabrics may appear patchwork-like in parts.
    * Also, because we use naturally occurring dyes, the colors tend to fade after repeated use.
    *Since some colors change significantly when exposed to light for a certain period of time, please check the laundry label carefully and dry in the shade.

    ■What is "Soshiki Dyeing"
    An environmentally friendly dyeing method in which dyes are extracted from natural plants and trees. It produces natural colors and textures that are unique to nature, and gives a sense of comfort.

    ■ Attractiveness of "kiso no soshoku-dye"
    Highly safe: Because soshoku-dye is dyed using materials from nature, it can be worn with peace of mind.
    Environmentally friendly: kiso is a sustainable product that not only uses dyes derived from nature, but also organic cotton and recycled polyester.
    Colors with depth: You can enjoy the color change over time with each wash, making it your own unique piece of clothing.
    Medicinal properties: The dyes have various effects such as antibacterial and insect repellent properties.