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Cement aroma diffuser

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Size & Weight

Size and weight
Width approx. 8.0 cm × Depth approx. 8.0 cm × Height approx. 2.7 cm
Approx. 200g


Mortar, cushioning material


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    You can easily use it as an aroma stone anywhere without using a power source. It is just right for enjoying the fragrance in a small space such as at your desk, entrance, or under your pillow.

    To use, put a few drops of aroma oil in the hollow in the center. The fragrance will soak in gradually and spread slowly. When the fragrance starts to fade, add a moderate amount of oil.

    Each piece is made by hand.
    There are bubbles and small chips characteristic of concrete, but please enjoy them as a unique character that can only be found in one piece in the world.
    The bottom has a cushion so that it will not damage the place where it is placed.

    * Please note that it may take up to one month for this product to be shipped because it is made-to-order.