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Gradation Vinyl Umbrella

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color — Pink and Blue
Size & Weight

Size] [Bone length] 57cm, [Overall length] approx. 85cm
[Length of the main bone] 57cm, [Overall length] approx. 85cm
[Diameter] approx. 87cm, [Length of handle] approx. 19.5cm
[Handle thickness] approx. 2 cm, [Stonecrop length] approx. 6 cm
Size is the actual size on a flat surface.
Weight] Approx. 328g


Polyethylene, Made in China


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    This vinyl umbrella has a beautiful gradation.

    The color is not too dark, so it does not obstruct your vision.

    Covers the body well.

    It is a size that can cover the body well.

    The handles are also in pop colors to match the design.