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Nico Stole Poncho / Washable Mino simple jersey wool

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    A classic piece, this thin stole poncho is perfect for quick layering. With its simple jersey knit, it's a staple NICO item. Weighing only 210g, it's lightweight and easy to carry around. Made of washable mino simple jersey wool, it's crafted from "70% wool, 30% polyester" yarn with a shrink-proof finish. This material allows for easy home washing, machine washable with the use of a net. Please reshape when drying and use a cloth when ironing.

    The secret to its washability lies in the polyester content. Polyester is known for its lightweight and durable qualities, ensuring that knitwear retains its shape and resists wrinkling even after washing. It dries quickly due to its low water absorption, while the addition of natural fibers ensures a gentle feel against the skin.

    The washable MINO series utilizes polyester effectively for easy care. It's available in three spring-like colors: "Sakura" for the cherry blossom season, "Light Beige," and "Silver Gray," all chosen based on customer feedback.

    The "nico" stole poncho features two hand holes, making it versatile and convenient. Sized at 160cm x 70cm, it can be wrapped around the neck or worn as a cloak. Made in Gosen, Japan's largest knit production area, at the Saifuku knit factory, this product ensures quality and authenticity.

    This product is suitable for home washing, but please use a net and reshape when drying to prevent slight shrinkage. Avoid tumble drying at home.