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Box line pullover

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color — beige
Size & Weight

Length 58cm
Body width 68cm
Sleeve length 36cm
shoulder width 68cm
Top width 23cm
Armhole 22cm
Hem width 68cm
Cuff width 12cm


100% wool


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    [Made in Japan] "Wool deer + jersey"
    Box line pullover (Whole garment knit)

    100% shrink-proofed wool made from carefully selected pure fine merino from Australia.
    *Model height 160cm ◎Whole GarmentWhole garment is a seamless knit product.
    It offers a comfortable fit and feel that only a seamless garment can provide.

    Some products may be partially sewn.
    Fabric Thickness: Normal (middle gauge)
    Elasticity: Yes
    Lining. None
    Pockets: Yes