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kukkahippo Children's Parasol, Long Umbrella

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color — blue
Size & Weight

Total length: approx. 69 cm, diameter: approx. 78 cm, weight: approx. 270 g
Total length: approx. 73.5cm, diameter: approx. 94cm, weight: approx. 310g
Size is the actual size on a flat surface.


100% polyester, polyurethane coating on the back, transparent part: polyvinyl chloride, made in China


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    Recommended for going to and from school under an umbrella. Children's parasols that can be used in both rain and shine

    Matching size parasols for children who are prone to heat stroke and heatstroke.

    Special processing that blocks ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, and light protects children from the dangers of summer.

    It can be used both as a parasol and in the rain, so there is no need to worry about having to choose between different types.

    All sizes are available in a variety of colors to ensure visibility.

    All sizes have a window to ensure visibility.

    All sizes have a window for visibility.