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39Arita Mug

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Color — Beige
Size & Weight

Size :
W approx. 70mm x H approx. 110mm

Capacity :
500cc (full water)

Weight :
Approx. 300g

Package Size:
Package exterior: 13 cm (width)
Package exterior depth 13 cm
Package exterior height 11.5cm
Overall package weight: 420g *including product


Material Arita porcelain
Country of Origin Japan


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    The cup is made of Arita porcelain, a technique with over 400 years of history since the Edo period.
    It is sold in a special paulownia box.

    Arita-yaki is thin and light, but harder and stronger than pottery, making porcelain the perfect everyday tableware.

    Smaller in diameter than a regular mug (cylinder: approx. 6.78 cm), the cup wraps around your nose, allowing you to enjoy the aroma of your drink directly.

    The volume of the body is 500 g