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2-Tiered Folding Parasol, Sunshade & Rainproof

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color — plum
Size & Weight

Total length: approx. 65 cm, diameter: approx. 92 cm, weight: 229 g (main body only)


80% polyester, 20% cotton, polyurethane coating on reverse side, made in China


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    This is a sunshade parasol that can be used in sudden light rain.

    The textured fabric is made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton, and the handle is made of cold bamboo.

    Designed as a compact version of a long umbrella, this folding umbrella features a size that protects from sun and rain, yet is compact enough to be easily carried around.

    It can be opened and closed quickly and easily without snapping the bones, and because there are few places to adjust the fabric when it is closed.

    *The shape and color of the cold bamboo is a natural material and may vary from piece to piece. Also, changes in temperature and humidity during storage may cause cracking or deformation.