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39Arita sera filter

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Size & Weight

Diameter approx. 85mm
Height approx. 65mm
Weight approx. 90g


Material: Aritayaki porcelain
Country of Origin Japan


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    This product is sized for 1-2 people.

    ■What is a serafilter
    A serafilter is a ceramic coffee filter that does not use disposable materials such as paper or cloth.

    The serafilter is made of porous ceramic with numerous holes of a few microns, which removes chalky odors and impurities from the water by the far infrared effect and the power of ceramics. Drinks passed through the CERAFILTER will have a mellow taste with a suppressed off-flavor.

    ■ Usage examples
    - Coffee
    Because it extracts the bean oil, the flavor component of coffee, the original flavor of the coffee bean can be tasted. You can taste the original flavor of the coffee bean. Coffee oil is not only a flavor component, but also a component that gives coffee its aroma and mild taste. Coffee brewed with this product can be seen to glow with oil.

    - Wine
    As it passes through the filter, it mixes with the air inside the filter and thus has a decanting effect.
    When tap water is passed through the filter, it becomes soft and pleasant to the palate, with a reduced miscellaneous taste.

    - Other
    It can also be used for tea, sake, etc. to reduce miscellaneous tastes.

    ■ Product features:
    Useable unless broken.

    For daily care, simply discard coffee or tea leaves, rinse with water, and rinse the filter with hot water until no color appears.
    If the liquid output is lower than normal, baking over an open flame or in the oven will restore the passage.
    If you cannot use an induction stove or other fire, we recommend boiling and cleaning the cerafilter with baking soda in a pot of water for about 20 minutes.

    ■ Material:
    Ceramic is a material used as a filtration material.
    To ensure that the original taste of the drink can be extracted, we do not use raw materials that can leach out any components.

    ■ Patented
    Patented in Japan (No. 6431175)
    Patented in the United States (No. 10,549, 225 B2)