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39Arita Double Wall Cup

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Color — Beige
Size & Weight

Diameter approx. 90mm
Height approx. 90m
Capacity 200cc (full water) Weight approx. 200g

Package Exterior Width 10.5cm
Package Exterior Depth 10.5cm
Package Exterior Height 10cm
Overall package weight 278g *Including product


Material: Aritayaki porcelain
Country of Origin: Japan


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    The cup is made of Arita porcelain, a technique with a history of over 400 years since the Edo period.
    It is sold in a special paulownia wood box.

    Between the inside and outside of the cup, a double-layered structure creates a layer of air, which prevents temperature transfer when you hold it.

    Because the cup is highly effective in keeping drinks cold in summer and hot in winter, it can be used
    all year round.