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Incense Sample Set

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Size & Weight

Outside of package: 18cm (H)/16cm (W)
Inside the package: 8.5cm (H)/7.5cm (W)
Incense: Height 2.5cm / Diameter 1.3cm


Quantity: 18 pieces
Burning time: 30 minutes
Residual scent: 30-60 minutes (depends on the size and structure of the space)
Shelf life: semi-permanent before burning (depends on storage conditions)
Main ingredients
[BAIKA] agarwood, sandalwood, kaolin, dragon brain, clove, frankincense, sweet pine
[IKKA] agarwood, clove, kaolin, hornbeam, sandalwood, frankincense
[KUROBO] Agarwood, Dingko, Kaiko, frankincense, sandalwood
[JIJYU] Agarwood, Dingko, Gansho, Kaixiang, Ulungin
[KAYO] agarwood, sandalwood, clove, herb ointment, amethyst, and dragon brain
[RAKUYO] Aloeswood, Dingko, Kaixi, Frankincense, Ganso


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    We use 100% natural materials.
    Handmade on Awaji Island and hand-packed in Tokyo.

    Safety Precautions:
    * Store our incense in a cool, dry place.
    *Please note that the incense dish may be hot.
    *Do not place burning incense near anything flammable.
    * Do not leave burning incense unattended.
    * Always extinguish incense before leaving the room.
    * Do not leave burning incense unattended.