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Happiness begins with a cup of tea. Enjoy your teatime.

My Best Daily Routine

May your life be more comfortable.

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New brands

  • MINAKI  


    I drink sake. It's a rich taste of time.
    Spending time with your significant other or your own special moments can be changed to a higher quality and luxury with sake.

  • MyRAMEN  


    At the noodle factory at the foot of the Kamuro mountain range, which stands on the border between Akita and Yamagata Prefectures, the noodles are made using a special low-temperature drying method using carefully selected ingredients.

  • PLAGLA  


    We make good use of recycling technology to produce products that benefit people and the global environment.

  • enku  


    We have started indigo-dyed leather production 10 years ago with the desire to "create uniquely Japanese leather”.

  • etul  


    BAGs, wallets and other products made with eco-friendly textiles such as plant-based eco-leather and recycled canvas.

  • tutumi  


    Design, planning, production, and sales are all done in-house.

  • LR by LIVERAL  


    We mainly produce bags using water-repellent materials, breathable and sturdy fabrics.
    Some models use waterproof fabric that can be used in typhoons and other bad weather.

  • sanenan  


    Production area: Shika-machi, Hakui-gun, Ishikawa
    Shan'en'an produces safe and delicious agricultural products using natural recycling farming methods.

  • CASTIN  


    We have made Buddhist altarware using copper for more than 70 years since our establishment.

  • suzukimoeko  


    Accessory brand by painter Moeko Suzuki.
    Bring a little color to your everyday life with every hand-painted accessory.



    Tsunan Brewing's sake brewing is mainly done only during the snow season. It is said that by preparing it in a snow-covered environment, the snow mixes with...



    The brand was born in the natural environment surrounded by the mountains of Japan. The products are made using natural materials from ChichibuTown, where forest accounts for 87%.

  • Bridge and Blend  

    Bridge and Blend

    The brand name, Bridge and Blend, was born on the principle of "A Scent World, that creates A Better Society."
    Six in Sense is a revival of the Six in Sense incense, which was created in the Heian period, when Japan's national culture was born.



    All the production is made in Japan by craftsmen with great skills.
    The brand name, BILLY BUDDUSKY, comes from Jack Nicholson's role in the 1973 American film The Farewell, Winter Seagull.

  • betises  


    Betty's is a kitchen linen and flower shop.
    At Betty's, we create original products using natural linen, with the aim of creating items that will last a long time. Linen is attractive for its natural look and feel,...



    DAY TRACTION is a lifestyle brand founded in 2014 with the goal of designing a fresh everyday.
    With the coexistence of elation and universality as their identity, they propose simple and unique original goods.



    Time slot for drinking. Cheers a little earlier in the evening. A toast to enliven the main dish. A midnight toast as the days change. Depending on the time of day, I think alcohol that turns that time into the best moment is different.

  • HOLICC  


    Travel nurtures people, and people create jobs. So I want to work and travel freely without being restricted by place or time. HOLICC is a brand that creates items that fit perfectly in this way of life that has never been done before.

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