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Magnetic (wall-mounted) Sheets

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Size & Weight

Size: 300mm x 300mm
Thickness: Approx. 0.3mm


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    Sheet for Attaching Magnets

    - It can be easily cut with scissors.
    - The entire back surface is coated with double-sided adhesive, allowing you to peel off the Retack sheet and affix it directly to the wall surface like double-sided tape.
    - When attaching over cloth, please apply the sheet directly over the cloth, and then use a tacker (4 to 5 places) before attaching the product.

    Color: White

    The shipping cost for the purchase of this product alone is ¥800 (excluding remote islands).

    mosaic style

    We gather your inner beauty (art) and thoughts (inspiration) to create colorful interior spaces,
    to create a colorful interior space.

    Interior decorating while enjoying "change".

    Commitment to our products
    Sustainable interior design that anyone can do

    Attractively update your interior and space
    Easily redecorate as your style changes

    Magnetic tile layouts are
    Ideal for adding variety and accents

    Instantly change your design to match your mood or the season.
    Feel the seasons with natural materials
    or relax with a soothing color scheme
    The possibilities are endless.


    Magnetic tiles are easy to remove

    Not only do they have a consistent design
    but also by the combination of materials
    can create a unique atmosphere

    accent walls and furniture with a sense of style.
    You can arrange them as you see fit.
    Let your individuality shine through and create an attractive space.

    Magnetic tiles are also very practical.

    Even in the unlikely event of stains or scratches
    You can replace only a part of the tiles.
    You can easily maintain the tiles while enjoying them for a long time.

    The free layout like a patchwork
    for those who seek uniqueness and creativity in their interiors.
    a truly attractive option for those who seek uniqueness and creativity in their interiors.

    What's more

    Magnetic tiles are a sustainable display

    by redecorating without waste from demolition or construction.
    while taking care of limited resources.
    Combine sustainable and original sensibilities
    How about a new renovation?

    We will combine the feelings of "beauty" and "comfort" that you have inside of you.
     Combining various fragments of "material", "color", "shape", and "light".
    We bring out the [beautiful image] that lies dormant inside of you.
    We will help you create new value by expressing your space like a patchwork.
    We will help you.