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Green Coffee 10g (10 cups)

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    Medium roasted from high-quality coffee beans. This coffee is made from 100% high-quality Arabica and green coffee beans grown and handpicked in the Chiapas Plateau.

    The unique process of dissolving the coffee in both hot and cold water releases its powerful coffee flavor. "Easy to drink." 1g makes 150cc of coffee.

    What is Green Coffee?

    Green coffee is coffee made from nutrient-rich "green beans" before they are roasted. Most of the nutrients are lost when the coffee is heated during roasting. The green coffee we offer is the world's first "delicious" and "healthy" blend of the aroma of roasted beans and the nutrition of green beans, which solves the problems of green beans' lack of aroma and lack of taste.

    1) Pesticide-free, additive-free fair trade products
    As a quality without compromise, we use additive-free coffee (produced in a cGMP-certified factory in the United States). We also adopt fair trade to guarantee the livelihood of the farmers who collect the Arabica beans grown locally (Chiapas Plateau, Mexico), completely by hand.

    2) Powder type, no drip required, so no waste
    No drip or filter paper is required, making it easy to drink. It is a zero-waste coffee because no garbage is produced.

    3) 1/4 the caffeine and 2 times the antioxidant power of regular coffee
    The amount of caffeine contained per cup is 15mg, which is 1/4 that of regular coffee and low caffeine. It also contains about twice the high antioxidant power of ordinary coffee, which provides the approximate daily requirement of active oxygen removal capacity to the body in a single cup.

    How to take:
    As a guide, dissolve 1g in a cup of hot water or water with a cup of coffee. Adjust the amount according to your taste.