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A blends Hokkaido wool sweatpants

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Color — ivory
Size & Weight

Size M (Approximate height: ~172cm)
Waist: 78cm Hip: 99cm Inseam: 27cm Inseam: 68cm Hem Width: 13cm Wasting Width: 30cm
Size L (Approximate height: 173cm~)
Waist: 82cm Hip: 103cm Inseam: 27cm Inseam: 71cm Hem Width: 14cm Wasting Width: 31cm


Part Number: 20A-MK1036
Cotton: 85% Wool: 15
Country of origin: Japan
model:172cm(size M)


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    Hokkaido wool is a sustainable pure domestic wool spun in Japan using waste wool from food-producing sheep raised in Hokkaido. The design features an elegant look with a clean, slim silhouette and a 9' length.

    Hokkaido wool, which has been revived as environmentally friendly domestic wool by washing wool by hand and drying it in the sun, has a rarity and unique texture, making it an item that offers a different fabric texture from regular sweatshirts. The ivory color is not dyed, so the nep texture of the material (mixed wool) also adds texture to the item.