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A blends Hokkaido wool sweatpants

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Color — ivory
Size & Weight

Size M (Approximate height: ~172cm)
Waist: 78cm Hip: 99cm Inseam: 27cm Inseam: 68cm Hem Width: 13cm Wasting Width: 30cm
Size L (Approximate height: 173cm~)
Waist: 82cm Hip: 103cm Inseam: 27cm Inseam: 71cm Hem Width: 14cm Wasting Width: 31cm


Part Number: 20A-MK1036
Cotton: 85% Wool: 15
Country of origin: Japan
model:172cm(size M)


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    Hokkaido wool is a sustainable pure domestic wool spun in Japan using waste wool from food-producing sheep raised in Hokkaido. The design features an elegant look with a clean, slim silhouette and a 9' length.

    Hokkaido wool, revived as environmentally friendly domestic wool through hand-washing and sun-drying, possesses a rare and distinctive texture, setting it apart from regular sweatshirt materials. The ivory color is not dyed, so the nep texture of the material (mixed wool) also adds texture to the item.