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    HEMPS will be a set of triangular building blocks made of cypress and a special application.

    The stylishly designed blocks with the gentle scent of cypress can be enjoyed not only by children but also by adults.

    These blocks have acquired the CE mark, the highest safety standard in Europe, so children can play with them with peace of mind. And after playing with the building blocks, the dedicated app's AI will read the building block images and inform you of your child's mathematical growth.

    < Set contents >
    - 24 pieces of cypress building blocks
    *4cm scale
    - 8 sticks (cypress)
    * 4 Long Sticks, 4 Short Sticks
    *Contains blocks and sticks
    *Compatible OS: iOS, Android; available for free.

    Japanese, English and French are supported

    * Up to 3 children can be registered for each user for the dedicated application.