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bamboo toothbrush

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Size & Weight

Size: 17.5 cm (total length) x 1.1 cm (brush height)


⚫️Handles: 100% bamboo
⚫️Charcoal contains bamboo charcoal in the brush part.
Whitening and deodorizing effects can be expected.
⚫️Heat resistance temperature:80°C
⚫️Guideline usage period:1 month to 2 months
⚫️Color:beige & brown & charcoal
⚫️Anti-bacterial action, hard to mold
⚫️Packaging is also de-plasticized


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    This toothbrush is made from bamboo.

    By switching from plastic to bamboo toothbrushes, you can reduce your environmental footprint.

    *Color is not available.

    *You cannot choose the color.