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Silk for Beautiful Lips

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Color — White
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100% silk


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    Use as an inner cloth for masks to moisten lips that tend to dry out.

    This special silk, which has a history of over 400 years in Japan, regulates the right amount of moisture between the mask and the skin.

    It keeps your lips and throat conditioned even in dry places such as cars, airplanes, and hotels.

    ■ How to Use
    Place the mask inside a commercially available mask so that your lips are in contact with it.

    ■ Care Instructions
    Wash by hand gently or machine wash in a fine net.

    ※Due to the gentle nature of the silk fiber, there may be some fluffing or pilling after repeated use.
    ※Brown dots and straw dust that appear in places are inevitable in the process of spinning. They are not harmful to the human body and are the original texture of nature.

    ■ Material
    Silk: 100%

    ■ Size
    21 x 21 cm