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hand-woven scarf

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color — dark blue
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made in Japan


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    This 100% cotton hand-woven scarf is made of indigo-dyed yarn.
    The dark blue woven pattern has short white horizontal lines at random, and these are "kasuri yarns". The yarn is dyed in an indigo jar at the Kurume Kasuri weaver in Fukuoka, Japan.

    Because it is made with natural indigo, you need to be a little careful about getting it wet or rubbing it, but the color gradually settles down, which is only possible with indigo dyeing.

    You can care for it at home by hand washing, etc.

    * "Kasuri" is a name derived from the fact that the pattern looks blurred when the area to be left white or dyed separately is tied with thread before dyeing (dye-proofing), and after dyeing, the tied thread is untied and the thread itself is dyed using the dye separation technique before weaving.
    This is a yarn-dyed fabric in which the same "kasuri" pattern can be seen on the front and back of the fabric.