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Makino Makino Letter ( Tomitaro Makino )-picture book

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    ■Art picture book "Maki no Maki no Letter".

    Tomitaro Makino and his art picture book "Makinomaki's Letter", which conveys the joy of loving plants.

    The entire book is decorated with beautiful plant illustrations and interwoven with Dr. Tomitaro Makino's charming personality and smile, as well as memorable episodes from his life.

    The botanical illustrations were created by Kanako Sasaki.
While the drawings are as detailed as Dr. Tomitaro Makino's botanical drawings, they are also boldly abstracted to create a beautiful worldview.
 The concise text that accompanies the drawings captures TDr. Tomitaro Makino's life and personality in a nutshell.

    TDr. Omitaro Makino. 
Tomitaro MakinoDr. Makino studied plants practically and self-taught after leaving school voluntarily in the second grade, and has named over 1,500 species and varieties of plants including new species and varieties. He has named more than 1,500 new species and varieties of plants.
Even though he lived in extreme poverty, he never ceased his passion for plants, purchased expensive scientific books, and filled his house with specimens.
His life may seem reckless, but there is integrity as well as bankruptcy, both as a scholar and as a human being. 
He is a very attractive person. 
The capacity of Tomitaro Makino, a scholar without peer, is immeasurable.

    ■Message from the Publisher

    ■Message from the Publisher. 
The image of a human being that we want to see born in this new era. 
With this in mind, we present "Makino Makino's Letter".