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Face Wrapping / Stretchy knit mask, soft cotton linen, reversible

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color — No.01 Mustard×Natural
Size & Weight

Size M L<br>Height M approx. 14.5 L approx. 15.5<br>Width M approx. 22 L approx. 24<br>(Due to the stretch yarn weaving of the item, there may be slight variations.)


Country of originJapan (Gosen, Niigata Prefecture)Material50% cotton, 22% linen, 14% polyester, 14% nylon


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    This mask is reversible so that you can enjoy two different colors. Comfortable to wear cotton linen" is used, and the yarn is made of "70% cotton, 30% linen" ratio. Comfortable to wear. It fits and clasps tightly to the face. The mask has no seams, minimizing material loss. The laces are made of stretch material and stretch well. The softness of the knit is maintained, but the double-layered weave makes it easier to breathe. We have devised a way to prevent it from sticking to the nose and mouth.

    - The yarn is made of a natural yarn.

    Yarn is treated with a natural deodorant, so it has antibacterial and deodorant properties.

    Ultraviolet rays cut 97% of UV rays.

    UV cut 97%

    Because it is knitted with stretch yarn, it has good form stability and does not wrinkle after machine washing.

    ・Please avoid using a dryer to prevent shrinkage.