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Washi Incense 12 Pieces Concentrate

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12 Pieces Concentrate


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    Japanese Paper Incense <Concentrate>

    A refreshing and slightly sweet fragrance with a hint of bitterness, derived from fresh plant-based ingredients. This incense is designed for moments when you need to reset your mind, enhance concentration, or engage in meditation to face yourself and the present moment.

    About Washi-koh (Japanese Paper Incense)
    Washi-koh originates from Awaji Island, renowned as the birthplace of the oldest aromatic woods in Japan and the largest producer of incense and Japanese stick incense. Crafted through high-level industry expertise, Washi-koh involves grinding once-shaped stick incense into powder using a mill commonly found in soba (buckwheat noodle) shops. This powder is then mixed with the raw material of Japanese paper, mulberry bark (kouzo), and dried after being spread out. Craftsmen then individually form each sheet by hand.

    Because the fragrance can be enjoyed without lighting, it can be placed in rooms, entrances, cars, or used as a diffuser by placing it with letters.

    The experience of watching the Japanese paper burn when lit creates a unique atmosphere, different from that of stick incense.

    12 sheets per pack / Burning time approximately 3 minutes / φ30 / Comes with a dedicated non-combustible mat / Ingredients: Tabu powder (bark of Tabu tree), mulberry bark (kouzo), sandalwood, plant-based incense oil, fragrance (natural herb-based oil blend).

    . It has a fresh vegetal aroma with a cool, sweet and slightly bitter taste. This incense has an image of incense to be used when you want to reset your mind, when you want to improve your concentration and face yourself and the moment, or when you are meditating.