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Straw hat with decorative ribbon

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color — white
Size & Weight

Kids 48cm: 46-50cm, 1-3 years old
Kids 52cm: 50-54cm, about 3-7 years old
Ladies 58cm: 53-57cm, 11 years old and up


Outer fabric ... 100% linen
Lining ... Cotton and linen mixed spinning
Lace: 100% cotton

Black [width 50mm] ... 100% cotton
White [width 30mm] ... Cotton and linen mixed spinning
Pink [width 38mm] ... 100% rayon
Gray [width 25mm] ... Cotton and linen mixed spinning
Brown [width 50mm] ... 60% polyester, 40% cupro


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    This straw hat features a retro design. The outer fabric is 100% hand-woven hemp, which is airy and comfortable. It provides a cool and comfortable experience on hot summer days and is also safe for cycling as it doesn't fly away when the wind blows. The size can be adjusted with the ribbon at the back, making it a functional hat that can be customized to fit you comfortably without being too tight.

    The way the ribbon is tied and its length may vary depending on the ribbon.

    Color may vary slightly depending on the time of arrival. Please understand that this is a hand-woven material.

    Washing in cold water may cause wrinkling and deformation. We recommend consulting a professional dry cleaner.

    When folded and stored, the garment may become wrinkled and lose its shape. Please store it in a way that prevents it from getting crushed.