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Size: H7 x W4.5 x D0.7cm
Weight: 2.2g (1 piece)


Material: MIZUHIKI (Japanese traditional paper code), brass fittings


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    Earring using Japanese traditional paper code.

    Black mizuhiki is usually used in Japan for non-celebratory bags and never sees the light of day on festive occasions. However, this time, we dared to use only black, so that the shape can be felt not by "color" but by "light" and "shadow".

    It is large, but very light.

    Although large in size, it is very lightweight.

    Japanese traditional paper code is a string made of twisted Japanese paper and dried with glue. Recently, colored threads and foils have been wrapped around it to make it more gorgeous.

    Caution: Please do not wash it with water or soak it in water. If it gets dirty,We recommend wiping it with a tightly wrung towel.
    * Soaking in water may cause color fading or color migration of colored threads.
    - Placing it under a heavy object, holding it tightly in your hand, or folding it will cause it to lose its shape and not be able to return to its original state.