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Round RaysTray indigo dyed

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Urethane clear coating
product design : graf


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    The Rays Tray is a product that takes advantage of the characteristics of the different colors of the grain of the wood by using an ingenious method of laminating thin wooden boards together.

    By laminating boards cut at sharp angles around the center, the tray appears to emit rays of light from the center when you move it in your hand.

    Tree species: indigo dyed

    *This product is dyed by a traditional Japanese indigo dyeing technique called "fermentation dyeing".

    ◉Please note that excessive shocks may cause damage to the product.
    ◉When exposed to water, wipe with a dry cloth before storing.
    ◉Wet storage can cause staining or cracking of the wood.
    ◉Do not store in places where temperatures and humidity change frequently or in direct sunlight.

    ◉The colors in the images may appear slightly different from the actual color of the product depending on your monitor.
    ◉The wood grain and color of each item may vary slightly due to the nature of the wood.
    ◉As a handcrafted product, please allow for small imperfections and slight variations in color and grain.
    The tableware shown is not the product. The tray is the product.
    The special package is included and can be selected as a gift.