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Aroma Wood - Hornbeam

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Pottery stands' color — Green
Aroma oil
Size & Weight

Body: Diameter 130mm, Thickness 13mm, Box: Length: 115mm, Width: 165mm, Thickness: 35mm, Body weight 40g, Package weight: 200g


Place of Origin:Japan,Material:Bay Hiba ,Accessories:Aroma oil 5ml / Ceramic stand


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    This is an aroma wood that utilizes the material of wood. All you have to do is to drop aroma oil on the plain wooden body.

    The aroma soaked into the wood will volatilize and spread gently as a mixed fragrance with the scent of yellow cedar. No fire or electricity is used, so you can use it anywhere, even with children. It is framed with an auspicious tortoiseshell pattern, derived from the shell of the tortoise of the "crane and turtle," the symbol of longevity in Japan, making it a perfect gift for important occasions.

    Each of the six traditional patterns represents a wish.

    Please check how to use them on the page of "Aroma Wood" on our website before you use them.

    Please read before completing your order.

    • A pottery stand and an aroma oil are included. You can choose each of them in three types!
    • Pottery stands Green/ Pink/ White
    • Aroma oil (These are Blend oil, not essential oil.)
    • Bamboo: Regardless of age or gender, Soft fragrance
    • Hydrangea: Fresh fragrance like a flower
    • Wisteria: Sweet fragrance

    Please tell us your preferred stand and aroma oil in the notes.

    Please read it before you use it.

    • Avoid using citrus aroma oil and dropping a large quantity of aroma at one time because that will cause stains on the wood.
    • You definitely cannot wash it in water because it is made of plain wood.
    • Avoid Fire, Direct sunlight, and Moist space
    • Avoid dropping aroma oil onto the junctions of KUMIKO to maintain the quality. 

    Material : Yellow cedar
    Size : [Φ130mm, t 13mm]

    ・Box [L 115mm, W 165mm, T 35mm]
    ・Pottery stand [W 40mm, T 15mm]
    ・Aroma oil [ 5ml]