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A blends cardboard knit lager shirt

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Color — ivory
Size & Weight

Size M (Approximate height: ~172cm)
Length: 67 cm, Body width: 68 cm, Shoulder width: 60.5 cm, Sleeve length: 52 cm
Size L (Approximate height: 173cm~)
Length: 70 cm, Body width: 70 cm, Shoulder width: 62.5 cm, Sleeve length: 53.5 cm


Part Number: 22A-MK1004
Outer fabric: 89% cotton, 11% polyester
Separate fabric: 85% cotton, 15% linen
Country of origin: Japan
model:172cm(size M)


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    Lager shirt made of cardboard knit fabric.

    The fabric is dyed using the Cold Pad Batch method.

    Fabric dyed with the Cold Pad Batch method uses less water than conventional dyeing methods and is considered environmentally friendly.

    In addition, the material is less damaged during the process, which maximizes the fullness and luster of the fabric and preserves its texture.

    It is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

    In addition, the antibacterial and antiviral fiber processing technology [Clenze] provides UV protection, excellent antibacterial and antiviral properties, inhibits the growth of bacteria that cause unpleasant fresh-drying smells and certain bacteria on fibers, and reduces the number of viruses! *The antibacterial and antiviral effects have been confirmed up to 50 times of home laundering.

    It also has excellent washing durability, so the fabric is less likely to deteriorate.