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OVaLO (Foldable loupe)

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Size & Weight

Size: Body = W6.2×D5.2×H2cm (±3mm)
     Box = W7.5 × D9.0 × H4.5cm
Weight: body = 45g (±5g), body box = 80g (±5g)


Materials: Body=wood (rosewood), glass, brass, finishing oil
     Box = Paper, wood, string (cotton), dovetail (brass)
Lens: 35mm lens, magnification 2.5x

     Designed by Singgih S. Kartono


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    Folding Loupe with a Cute Round Shape
    A folding loupe with a slide-out lens. There is no need to worry about the lens getting scratched when carrying it around.

    This beautifully designed loupe would make a great gift for a child who likes to observe newly entering school, for someone particular about stationery, or for someone who has trouble reading newspapers recently.