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Musical instrument craft kit made with real instruments [Drawing Seralina 12 scales]

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Size & Weight

Height: approx. 16.5 cm
Width: approx. 6.5 cm
Height: approx. 3.5 cm


Country of manufacture: Gifu, Japan
Ingredients: ceramic clay


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    The Seralina is a vertical ocarina designed to be easy for children and beginners to play. This musical instrument craft kit allows you to create your own unique instrument by drawing your favorite pictures on the Seralina. The kit comes with 8 pieces of sheet music that can be played even if you cannot read notes, so you can start practicing right away after completion.

    The Seralina was born in 2007 when an elementary school teacher visited an ocarina workshop in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, and asked if an ocarina that was easy for children to play could be made. The Seralina has been improved to make it easier for children to hold and play. Almost 100% of respondents answered that the Seralina is easier to hold and play compared to the ocarina.
    [Link to video demonstration]

    Instructions and a drafting sheet are included. Your child can first draft what kind of picture he/she wants to draw. The video is a great way for parents to ensure their children can make it without making any mistakes.

    B→C→D→E→F→G→A→B→C→D→E→F (12 scales)

    Set Contents:
    - Seralina main unit
    - Instruction manual (scales and fingering chart) / sheet music (glittering stars)
    - Sheet music book (8 pieces in order of difficulty)
    - Sheet music book that can be played even if you cannot read notes. Instructions (for 8 pieces in order of difficulty)
    - Draft sheet
    - String
    - Varnish (used for finishing)
    - The coating conforms to the Food Sanitation Law

    Please note that if you put your mouth on the instrument before applying the attached varnish, it may adhere to the surface of the instrument.
    All varnish is provided with the instrument. Please ensure that small children do not accidentally drink the varnish that comes with the instrument.
    The varnish may peel off.
    Please be aware of this possibility.