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ONIBIZEN Square Flare Plates

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SS:W14.5cmxD14.5cmxH3.7cm 320g
S:W16.5cmxD16.5cmxH5cm 400g
M:W19.5cmxD19.5cmxH7.3cm 600g
L:W25.5cmxD25.5cmxH6cm 1050g


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    Bizen Pottery is a simple pottery produced in Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture. This is Bizen ware heat resistant tableware. It is microwave and oven safe. Serve hot, freshly cooked food directly to the table. This is a new style of Bizen ware that matches the modern lifestyle.

    This square dish has a beautiful round design in the center.

    Each piece is carefully finished with rounded corners, while the thickness of the clay and the texture of the surface are carefully considered.
    The dish is also easy to clean and resistant to oil stains. It is also very easy to handle and dries quickly, as even the toughest stains can be washed with a scrubber. It is also dishwasher-safe.