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Tummy Wrap / Nobiru Knit Haramaki Summer Cooling

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color — No.01 Light gray
Size & Weight

Size F<br>Length 30<br>Body width 27


Country of originJapan (Gosen, Niigata) Material52% cotton, 22% linen, 22% polyester, 4% elastane


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    This haramaki is specially designed to keep you cool in the summer. Light and thin, weighing 38g.
    Even in the hot summer months, the air conditioning inside the room cools the body. This product prevents cooling by air conditioning in summer.

    The natural material "cotton linen" is used. Cotton, which excels in moisture absorbency, and hemp, which has a firmness, are added and knitted in the ratio of "70% cotton, 30% hemp. The stretchy material stretches to fit the waist, and does not constrict while fitting. We used yarn treated with Ronfresh, a natural deodorant that is antibacterial and deodorant.

    Because it is knitted in a way that requires no seams or stitching, it fits the body and is not painful.

    [Precautions for handling]
    This product can be washed at home. Please use a net when washing. Due to the nature of the material, it may shrink slightly, so please shape it and hang it up to dry after washing. Please avoid tumbler drying at home.