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tate-S Woven Poncho / Relieving Handfeel with Pockets

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color — No.01 Red
Size & Weight

W 105cm x H 130cm (free size)Weight 390g


Country of originJapan (Gosen, Niigata) Material69% wool, 18% nylon, 13% acrylic


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    A small poncho with large pockets. It has a soft and fluffy touch. Can be used as a wearable blanket. The sleeves are long enough not to bother you when washing. Your hands can easily fit in the large pockets. And put your phone, a paperback book, or anything else you want to carry with you when moving around the house.

    We adopted a special yarn called "Trispin". The yarn is made by twisting two yarns together to create a melange tone. It has a calming color that cannot be produced with a single color.

    A knit string is included for easy carrying.
    It is compact and long enough to be worn over the shoulder.

    [Precautions for handling]

    When washing, please specify dry cleaning at a dry cleaner.

    If you find pilling, please do not pull it out by force, but cut it one by one with small scissors so as not to damage the knitted fabric, or use a pilling remover. Plucking by hand may result in hair pilling and texture loss.