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canvas combination tote-M

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color — white/black
Size & Weight

SIZE:H 25 cm - W 24 cm - D 22 cm
handle length: approx. 30 cm


Material: cowhide
Canvas: 100% cotton
Lining: 100% cotton
Inside pocket: 1 open pocket, 1 zip pocket
Country of origin: Bangladesh


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    This is a ship-bottom tote bag with a wide gusset based on canvas fabric.

    To take advantage of the natural leather, we manufacture our products without using chemicals as much as possible.

    Please avoid extreme bending or twisting of the product.
    - Please avoid bending or twisting the product excessively, as this may cause the metal hardware to come off or break.

    Whether natural or synthetic, the color may transfer to other clothing when wet with rain or sweat, or by friction.

    After the color is transferred to other garments, it is recommended to dry it with a soft cloth in the shade.

    When wet or used for long periods of time, this product may discolor or fade. Fading.
    ・ Discoloration, fading, and hardening due to wetting or prolonged use.
    ・ Discoloration, fading, hardening, and mold deformation are inevitable due to wetting or prolonged use.

    Dry in shade.
    ・ When the metal fittings are dirty, please wipe them with a soft cloth.
    ・ When storing, please keep the product in a dry and cool place. ・ Please store in a dry and cool place.