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nico Stole poncho / Cool summer linen Transparent border

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color — No.11 White×White

Country of originJapan (Gosen, Niigata Prefecture)Material89% linen/11% nylon


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    This is a woven type of stole poncho. Made of hemp, said to be the coolest of all natural materials. Thin and lightweight at 160g, it folds up compactly for easy carrying. It is long enough to wrap around your neck or shoulders, so you can use it as a scarf or stole.

    [Precautions for handling]
    This item can be hand-washed at home.
    Due to the nature of the material, it may shrink slightly, so please shape it and hang it up to dry after washing.

    To avoid tumble-drying at home, please do not tumble-dry.
    Hemp tends to shrink when wet and should not be washed in cold water as it may cause fluffing and texture changes.
    Dark colored products will gradually become whitish in color due to cleaning friction. Also, please note that color fading or color migration may occur if the garment is left wet with perspiration or rain, or if it is worn with friction.