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MOKU tea caddy

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Color — Red
Size & Weight

Size: Diameter 8.6 x 14.5 (cm)


Made in Japan
Lacquer coating and material: Lacquer coating and wood (zelkova)


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    The "MOKU" series pursues a finish that allows people to feel the beauty and materiality of uniquely Japanese "wooden utensils" in modern life scenes. This tea caddy is a Suri-Urushi version of the MOKU series.
    You can enjoy the beauty of the grain of the wood as well as the red, black, and wipe lacquer tints.
    The cute form created by the designer is a feature of this tea caddy.
    The combination of the texture of wood and lacquer coating makes this tea caddy look like an interior decoration just by placing it in a cupboard or on a table.