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DURAM cord holder

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Size & Weight

Normal :
Size H2.5 x W1.5 x D1.0cm

L size: Size H1.3 x W3.2 x D1.0cm
Size H1.3 x W3.2 x D1.0cm


Material: cowhide (smooth), brass


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    leather cord holder (14011 / B)

    This cord holder gathers charging cables and other items that tend to get tangled in pockets and bags. It is recommended not only for yourself but also as a gift.

    You can connect two of them together for a wider range of uses. Depending on how you connect them, the corresponding thickness and strength will vary.

    Although small, it is made of the same vegetable-tanned leather and brass metal parts as our other products, materials that you can enjoy changing over time.

    Part number: Normal(14011 / B)
    Part number: L size (16011 / B)