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Mini round wallet Mano Ghost

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color — turquoise blue

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    We have created a compact zipper-type wallet that holds plenty of cards. Since it is palm-sized, it can easily fit in a pants pocket or small bag.

    The card slots can hold 8 to 10 cards in each compartment, for a total of 16 to 20 cards. The coin purse is designed for easy access to the contents.
    There is also a pocket on the back.

    [Material: Ghost]
    Vegetable tannin-tanned leather by Conceria La Bruttana of Italy (Tuscany). It was developed in 1973 in homage to the "bridle leather" of 19th century Old England.
    You can enjoy its unique and distinctive change over time. 

    [Care Instructions] - The more you use the leather used in this product, the more it will shine and develop its own unique flavor, and you will enjoy the unique aging process.

    Because of the oil-rich dye finish, the color will fade at the beginning of use. Please avoid using it with white or other brightly colored clothing.

    Care may be taken by simply wiping it dry.

    If the product gets wet, wipe it with a damp cloth.

    When wet, wipe with a towel and dry well in a well-ventilated place. If water has seeped in, dab with a slightly damp cloth to moisten the entire surface before drying.
    - If the leather becomes cracked after prolonged use, apply a moisturizing cream or similar to the area where the leather has become cracked.

    If the bag is to be stored for a long period of time, please air it regularly and wipe it dry with a dry cloth to prevent the formation of mildew. Also, if you leave your baggage inside for a long period of time, please remove all of the contents periodically to allow airflow inside the bag.