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Sake cup / upside-down moon

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Size: Diameter 7.5 x 3.5 (cm)


Made in Japan
Lacquer coating and material: Lacquer on wood


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    The lacquer color and moonlight are expressed by gold lacquer, which is now a motif of this sake cup. In Japan, since ancient times, there has been a custom to enjoy looking at the moon reflected in sake rather than looking up at the moon in the night sky. This vessel was created based on the concept of "the moon reflected in a sake cup."
    The original, unprecedented cylindrical form is impressive.
    The wooden design makes it light and easy to hold, and its softness to the touch is one of its charms.
    It is also functional, as it is easy to hold and does not get cold easily, even when filled with hot sake.

    There are six different designs, each inspired by a different expression of the moon.