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Glasses Case

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Color — black
Size & Weight

Size: 8 cm (length) X 18 cm (width) X 4 cm (girth)
Weight: approx. 8g


Material Outer fabric: pure silk and nylon / Inner fabric: nylon
Country of Origin Japan


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    This eyeglass case has a simple design with a distinctive material that shines through. We have adopted a very elaborate fabric made of nylon woven into Nishijin silk, a traditional Japanese craft. This is our original fabric. Every process was done by hand by skilled craftsmen.

    Easy to open with one hand.

    The case has a clasp that can be easily opened and closed with one hand.

    Soft, brushed lining protects your valuable glasses from scratches.
    The standard size of glasses is about 5cm (H)x14cm (W)x2.5cm (D)x2.5cm (H).