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DURAM Coin & Card Supple

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Size H6.5 x W10.0 x D4.5cm


Materials: cowhide (supple), brass, iron, deerskin strap


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    Compact leather wallet in supple leather | DURAM coin&card supple 13017

    Small wallet in supple leather
    The raw hides used as materials are also made in Japan. It is characterized by its soft touch and clear coloring. The red coloring is especially vivid.

    This handmade leather wallet features brass hooks and a rounded flap. It has a unique design that takes advantage of the natural leather texture. It is compact but can carry coins, cards, bills and other necessary items.

    These wallets are handmade with an emphasis on materials with a natural texture that grows in flavor and expression the more you use it, such as leather processed using tannin from plants.