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Powdered roasted tea Mino Shirakawa 50g

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    This tea is grown on the highest tea plantation in Japan, and despite the difficult conditions of the steep slopes, the growers have protected the plantation and continued the tradition for 600 years. The high quality tea leaves from Mino Shirakawa, which are produced in very small quantities, are painstakingly made into hojicha powder.

    GAP (Good Agricultural Practices)

    This fragrant hojicha powder is made from high-quality tea leaves grown according to GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) standards.
    It is characterized by a good balance of two components: catechin, an astringent component commonly found in green tea, and pyrazine, an aromatic component produced by roasting high quality tea leaves, allowing you to enjoy a mild aroma.
    What makes ZENJIRO powdered roasted tea so special is that it is the highest tea plantation in Japan. The tea leaves grow in the best soil, the daytime temperature difference builds up theanine in the tea leaves, and the fog moderately blocks sunlight, maintaining the best balance of catechins.
    Brew 1/2 teaspoon (1 g) of powdered roasted tea with 200 ml of boiling water and stir well. Works well with milk in lattes and au lait. It is also a popular ingredient in smoothies, cakes, and ice cream.
    For storage, close the pouch with a zipper and store in a cool place. The package is made of a Japanese 5-layer pouch bag, which is ideal for preventing oxidation. The package is a convenient stand-up type bag.

    Oxidation is a risk for Japanese tea and changes its shelf life. After opening the package, please fold the open portion of the aluminum tea bag to fully air out the tea and then fasten it with a rubber or stopper. This will prevent oxidation better than transferring to a can