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Sencha green tea Mino Shirakawa 50g

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    This tea is grown in the highest tea plantation in Japan, and even in difficult conditions on a steep slope, the growers have protected their tea plantation for 600 years and continued the tradition. The finest tea leaves from Mino Shirakawa, a rare and exclusive tea produced in small quantities, are carefully processed into Sencha, also known as natural Gyokuro.

    The tea leaves are of the highest quality.

    The balance between theanine, a flavor component, and catechin, an astringent component, found in high quality tea leaves, is well balanced, resulting in a rich, delicious flavor.
    The reason for this is the altitude, which is nearly twice that of other tea growing regions. Because of the large temperature difference during the day, the amino acid theanine is stored in the tea leaves instead of being used for growth at night. Also, the river mist that rises from the foothills moderately blocks the sunlight, softening the tea leaves and reducing the production of excess catechins.
    Brew 2 grams (1 teaspoon) of tea leaves in hot water below 60°C (140°F). Cold water brewing is recommended if possible. This is because theanine, a flavor enhancer, is extracted better at lower temperatures. The amino acid theanine is not broken down when reheated once the umami has been extracted, so reheating is acceptable when enjoying warm, umami-filled Sencha, even if it takes more time and effort.
    Sencha can be used not only as a straight tea, but also in many other applications. It can be mixed with milk and applied to herbal green teas such as mint, lemon balm, dill and rosemary, spiced green teas such as ginger and cardamom, and chocolate flavored green teas.
    This product is a JAS Organic certified product; JAS Organic is guaranteed equivalence to the US USDA and European Euroleaf organic standards, but this product carries only the JAS Organic mark.

    Oxidation is a risk for Japanese tea and changes its shelf life. After opening the package, please fold the opening part of the aluminum tea bag to fully air out the tea and then fasten it with a rubber or stopper. This will prevent oxidation better than transferring to a can.