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DURAM Smart Key Case

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Size & Weight

Size H14 (including hook) x W5 x 3.5cm
Internal dimensions H7.5 x W4.5 x D1.3cm


Material: Black and brass


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    Leather key case to organize bulky keys in a smart way | DURAM Smart Key Case (7005 / B)

    For carrying smart keys and house keys. Natural leather key case.
    Easily attaches to belt loops or bag handles with a nas-can.
    You can attach your smart key and house key at the same time. Keys can be taken out from either the front or the back.

    The more you use it, the more it becomes more durable.

    This key case is made of leather with a natural texture that will age and change with use. You can attach your smart key or house key. Since it can be easily hooked onto a bag handle or belt loop, it saves you the trouble of looking for your keys in your bag. Each one is carefully handmade in our workshop in Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

    They are handmade with leather made in the traditional way using tannin from plants, solid brass metal parts, and other materials with natural textures that become more comfortable as you use them.

    A key ring with a thickness of 3mm must be able to pass through. It can hold keys up to about 1.5 cm thick.