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DURAM String-bound notebook A5

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Size H16 x W11.5 x D1.4cm


Materials: smooth cowhide, brass, waxed cotton cord


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    Simple leather tray made of vegetable tanned leather | DURAM Leather Tray M 15015 (B)

    Simple string-bound notebook made of natural textured leatherLeather-covered notebook with paper bound with waxed cotton cords. You can simply enjoy the natural texture of vegetable-tanned leather.

    One-page leather string-bound notebook with vegetable-tanned leather processed in Japan. The simplicity of this notebook allows you to use it for a long time while enjoying the leather's change over time.

    The paper is made of 5mm square paper which is easy to use for various purposes, and you can replace any paper you like in the A5 size by yourself.

    Paper Paper 5mm grid paper, 50 pages (2 folded sheets of 25 A5 paper)