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Body Wrap / Bouncy UV-cut T-shirt

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color — No.01 Off-white
Size & Weight

Size<br> Length (front)M58 L68<br> Length (back)M61 L71<br> Body width M53 L61<br> Sleeve length M26 L24<br> Shoulder width M51 L59


Country of originJapan (Gosen, Niigata) Material50% cotton / 50% polyester


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    This T-shirt has a 95% UV cut rate, even in white. It is made of functional polyester with UV-cut effect. You can wear it when you go out without worrying about sunburn. The material is comfortable to the touch and dries quickly.

    The knit is tightly knit and has a firm and resilient thickness. The undergarments are not transparent and can be worn elegantly.

    The round neck has a moderate opening and the shoulders are wide, so it can be worn loosely. The sleeves are 5/10 sleeves.

    To prevent the "collar," "cuffs," and "hem" from stretching due to selection, we stabilized the form by knitting the knit tightly. We also sewed twice to increase the durability.

    [Precautions for handling]
    It can be washed at home. Please use a net when washing. Due to the nature of the material, it may shrink slightly, so please shape it and hang it up to dry after washing. Please avoid tumbler drying at home.