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Tummy Wrap / Stretchy Knit Pants Wide Type Organic Cotton

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color — No.01 Off-white
Size & Weight

Size M L
Waist Length M16 L18
Waist width M28 L29.5
Inseam M20 L22
Inseam M52 L55


Country of OriginJapan (Gosen, Niigata) Material96% Cotton, 3% Polyester, 1% Elastane


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    Wonderfully light knit wide pants for relaxing. This item combines a tummy-warming haramaki with knit pants. The slightly shorter 7'' length allows for easy movement. M size is made for women and L size is made for men.

    We used stretchy yarn throughout the tummy. It has plenty of elasticity and stretches well, so it can easily fit up to a 120cm waist. Pregnant women can also fit comfortably.

    We used a special manufacturing method to make pants without seam allowance. This eliminates the unpleasant feeling of the seam allowance against the skin.

    These pants are made of 100% high quality organic cotton. The puffy, moist and soft yarn allows you to feel the light and soft feel of cotton on your skin.

    [Handling precautions]
    This product can be washed at home. Please use a net when washing. Due to the nature of the material, it may shrink slightly, so please hang it up to dry after washing. Please avoid tumbler drying at home.